VMWare Workstation 8 Hardware Compatibility

VMWare Workstation 8 was released this week but VMWare Player 4 has yet to be released as a stand alone download so don't upgrade your hardware compatibility just...

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VMWare officially released Workstation 8 this week. The new version has some nice features and the transition from 7.1.4 was very smooth. I’ll warn you however that you will want to keep hardware compatibility level of your VMs at Workstation 7 or lower. If you upgrade them to Workstation 8 they won’t play in VMWare Player 3.1.4. They will play fine in VMWare Player 4 but for some reason VMWare hasn’t yet released VMWare Player 4 as a stand alone download. Right now the only way to get VMWare Player 4 is as part of the Workstation 8 bundle. If you need VMWare Player 4 right away you can install Workstation 8 as a demo. That should likely tide you over until Player 4 is released separately.


VMWare Player 4 was released October 4, 2011. If you’ve already got VMWare Player 3.1.4 installed it should automatically prompt you to update.


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  1. NK

    Hi, while installing vmware player4, it prompts to uninstall the workstation. Is not allowed as a part ?

    1. John Ross

      I’m guessing that there may be some incompatibilities between libraries / modules used with Player 4.0 and older versions ( prior to version 8 ) of Workstation that will prevent both from being installed on the same machine. If you’ve already got a license to Workstation I wouldn’t recommend installing Player 4.0 since Workstation has considerably more features. However, if you are using Workstation prior to 7.0 it’s probably a good time to upgrade to version 8.0. Hope that helps!