VMWare Player 3.1.4 crashes on Ubuntu 11.04

A bug in overlay-scrollbar prevents VMWare Player from working on Ubuntu 11.04. There is a fix available in the repositories.

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VMWare Player 3.1.4 crashed on launch this morning on two of my machines. I did some searching and it seems that within the last couple days a bug was introduced into the package “overlay-scrollbar”. Fortunately, the developers are on this one and there’s a fix already available in the repositories.

To get the fix, start Synaptic Package Manager. Select the menu “Settings > Repositories”. From the ensuing dialog box select the tab that says “Updates” and set a check mark to enable “Pre-released updates (natty-proposed)” . Click “Close” and then “Reload” to update the package manager info. Next search for “overlay-scrollbar”. You should see the option to upgrade the packages to the most recent versions. As of this morning that was 0.1.12-0ubuntu1. I generally don’t recommend taking all proposed updates so after you’re done applying the updates you’ll want to go to the Repositories settings and disable “Pre-released updates” and click reload again. You can now close Synaptic. VMWare should start properly at this point. If it doesn’t restart X and you should be good to go.

BTW: As near as I can determine VMWare Workstation 7.1.4 was unaffected by this bug.

Update: As of May 3, 2011 the overlay-scrollbar update is automatically included in regular Natty updates so the above procedure is no longer necessary.

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