Top 4 Essential Data Protection Practices

Novastor has some excellent advise and products for protecting your data.

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The following bullets are taken directly from the Novastor website:

  • Update your disaster recovery images at least monthly
  • Backup to local and online storage destinations
  • Scan your backups for viruses
  • Be sure your backup files are encrypted

This is generally outstanding advise. My only quibble is with online storage. If your information is particularly sensitive you may be better served with backups stored at an off site destination under your physical control rather than online where it could be exposed to more potential threats. The drawback of off-site is that it must be far enough off site to ensure survival in the event of a regional disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake. Either way, you still must encrypt!

Novastor makes some nice products and I’ve used them in the past with good success. While their solutions are mostly aimed at Windows users they now offer some cross-platform options that include Linux and Virtual Machines. If you’ve not yet implemented a robust backup strategy I recommend you check out their offerings.


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