Below are some of our favorite links:


  • River Canyon Wireless – Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider for Grand, San Juan and Emery Counties in Utah.
  • OI Ventures – Early stage seed funding for technology focused companies. Works with startups, corporate R&D groups, industry groups, venture funds and federal/state/local government to speed change in a world of Disruptive and Open Innovation
  • John Ross & Associates, LLC – Offers professional engineering services in research, development, analysis, design, simulation and testing of antennas and RF related devices and systems
  • Viamorph, Inc. – Developer of smart re-configurable antenna technology for commercial and military applications.

Disk Encryption Software

  • TrueCrypt – Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Full disk encryption on Windows only. Super easy to install and use. 
  • We no longer recommend TrueCrypt. Use use BitLocker on Windows, FileVault on Mac OS-X and dm-crypt/luks on Linux instead. If you need cross-platform encryption use use hardware encrypted hard drives.

Network Testing

  • – test your Internet connection.
  • SpeakEasy – another site for measuring the speed of your Internet connection.
  • ShieldsUp by Gibson Research – use this to test your firewall. Highly recommended!

Password Managers

  • KeePass – Free and works on most platforms. Our favorite!

Virtual Machine Software

  • VMWare Player – Allows you to run Windows within Linux or visa-versa. Free and very powerful!
  • VirtualBox – A solid alternative to VMWare Player without licensing headaches. If you’re an enterprise user stick with VMWare.