How good is full disk encryption?

Full disk encryption is good enough to cause serious problems for government agencies.

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How good is FDE (Full Disk Encryption)? According to this article it’s too good and it is causing problems for government agencies:

ExtremeTech – Full disk encryption is too good, says US intelligence agency

The protection afforded by FDE is real provided you install it properly and use a strong password. I recommend that everyone use some form of encryption on all computers, flash drives, USB drives and backup media. Encryption helps make sure that your information remains private should the items ever be lost or stolen. If you are on Windows, you get started by reading my tutorial on installing TrueCrypt.  You should also refer to our Check List for other tips to help improve your security.




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  1. Anonymous

    When trying to install truecrypt it told me that my laptop had a recovery partition and it would not boot for full disk encryption. So I used system encryption on the primary partition instead. I really need to know if this is as good. Thank you so much!

    1. JR

      You should be ok leaving the recovery partition unencrypted. Just encrypt the system partition and any remaining partitions where you might store user data.