California Governor Veto Allows Warrentless Cellphone searches

Warrentless cell phone searches continue in California after Governor Brown vetoes bill.

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Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have curtailed the warrentless search of cellphones. The veto effectively upholds a ruling by the California Supreme Court that allowed the practice of searching cellphones of persons incident to an arrest. See here for more information on the California situation:

Wired – Calif. Governor Veto Allows Warrentless Cellphone searches

We previously noted that Michigan State police commonly perform warrentless searches for ordinary traffic violations and use advanced technology to facilitate downloading and searching information from the cell phones. Disturbing as it is, the practice of warrentless cellphone searches is allowed in a number of states, though a few, such as Ohio, have outlawed the practice. We strongly suggest that you use every means of password protection and encryption available on your smart phone and computers to protect your right to privacy.


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