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  • Firewall Recommendations

    Think about your network and computer like you would a house.  Think about every way to gain access to your home as a vulnerability.  Now imagine that simply finding a crack under a door could allow direct access to all your financial information.  That sounds pretty enticing for a criminal, right? Hackers generally look to exploit these weaknesses by sending you Trojans, worms and viruses and some just want to try to take down your system.  Using a firewall will...

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  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) = BAD IDEA!

    Introduction BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a new trend (maybe the norm in some places by now?) where employees bring their personal computers, phones, USB flash drives, etc. to work and use them for work as well as personal needs. Companies are apparently encouraging BYOD based on the theory that it keeps employees happy because they get to use a device of their choice (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android Tablet, etc.) and the company saves money and gets a...

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  • FCC Launches Cyber Planner Website

    The FCC cyber planner site provides an excellent starting point for small businesses and home users interested in improving their security.

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  • The proper way to let a guest use your computer

    Some suggestions to keep you safe when you need to let a guest use your computer.

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  • Affairs and Email: Lessons Learned From Top Spook

    Whether you use email for business affairs or illicit affairs, there are many lesson to learn from David Petraeus and his paramour. If you have been hunting terrorists for a while and are the chief spook at the CIA, you should know how to keep a secret. So what does the news about Petraeus teach us about email and other discrete communication

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  • Top Security Rules for your mobile phone! Updated!


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  • Redundancy! It’s Good for Your Business!

    Preface Ironic as it may sound, I was writing this post yesterday when access to our WordPress site was terminated by the Anonymous attack on At first I thought I screwed something up but after a few minutes I convinced myself that it wasn’t my doing. I sent an e-mail to my business partner on the off-chance he was doing system maintenance.  He fired back a quick “Nope” and then followed up with “All my GoDaddy sites are down.” ...

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  • Using Open Wireless Connections

    For most people with a smartphone, laptop and a car or bike open wifi networks are a part of life, right?  You head to Starbucks, Panera Bread or some other locale and they have a sign that says “Free WIFI”. So most of us just connect up to that SSID with the strongest signal and off we go to checking email, logging into the corporate VPN, logging in to Salesforce and on and on.  Free WIFI is great.  It makes...

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