Beware phishing schemes masquerading as encrypted e-mail – Updated

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Lately I’ve received several phishing type e-mails claiming to come from an encrypted e-mail service and encouraging me to click a link. The one’s I received look something like this: Subject: You have a new encrypted message from You have received an encrypted message from The sender intended for the message contents to [...]

Affairs and Email: Lessons Learned From Our Top Spook

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Whether you use email for business affairs or illicit affairs, there are many lesson to learn from David Petraeus and his paramour. If you have been hunting terrorists for a while and are the chief spook at the CIA, you should know how to keep a secret. So what does the news about Petraeus teach us about email and other discrete communication

Spam, fram, hoaxes, urban legends and your security

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Fram is “cutesy, dopey, sappy, rarely really funny, interesting or “awesome” email forwarded to you by someone you know.” Because fram APPEARS to come from someone you know and trust, your innate skepticism and self-defenses are automatically lowered. You are therefore far more likely to click on a web link or open an attachment file that may contain a virus, trojan or malware.

How hackers get your passwords and how to stop them

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In the article linked below, an Internet security expert explains how he can hack your passwords: MSN – How I’d hack your passwords Believe everything in this article! You are vulnerable! Your first line of defense is using strong passwords on ALL of your accounts. Your e-mail account is especially important since it can be [...]