It’s not as bad as O-rings or ice damage yet, but NASA has revealed that it has a big cyber security problem. At issue is the fact that the NASA has yet to put into place policies and procedures for encrypting all their computer hard drives and portable media. As a result, the agency’s inspector general was forced to admit in front of congress that an unencrypted laptop computer stolen last year contained the command codes that control the International Space Station!

Amazingly, OMB reports that only 1% of the agencies portable devices and laptops have been encrypted this year.

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March 1, 2012 – CBSDC – NASA Laptop Stolen With Command Codes That Control Space┬áStation

So here’s your chance to show your friends that you’re smarter and more sophisticated than the rocket scientists at NASA! Read my article here and see how easy it is to encrypt your hard drive so that your data is protected in the event your computer is ever lost or stolen! While you’re at it, take a look at our Security Check List for other tips on improving your security.