Firewall Recommendations

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Think about your network and computer like you would a house.  Think about every way to gain access to your home as a vulnerability.  Now imagine that simply finding a crack under a door could allow direct access to all your financial information.  That sounds pretty enticing for a criminal, right? Hackers generally look to [...]

Best Practice: Account Passwords

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Your username and password are the easiest tools a thief has to making money. There are a range of easy and complex tools available to allow even the dumbest criminal to get into your online life. New online “Cloud” systems provide infinite computing power to crack your password.

Best Practice: Twitter Security

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Security Beacon and all small business leverage twitter to help customers learn about products, services, opinions and more. Twitter is becoming a more important tool for marketing. As twitter evolves, Security Beacon recommends you follow some key steps….

Firefox Plugins/Addons Beware

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Yesterday while I was playing with Blacksheep and Firesheep I found a link that Mozilla provides that is basically a list of Blocked Add-ons. Blocked Add-ons The following software is known to cause serious security, stability, or performance issues with Firefox Um, so why are these add-ons continuing to be offered and downloadable? It’s not [...]