Hiring a Hacker: Should You or Shouldn’t You

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Can’t log into your email account? Twitter? Want to look at your spouses email?  Need to get into an employees personal email account to see if he is stealing?  If you surf the web for “Black Hat Hackers” or “Hire a Hacker” you can find a long list of people willing to break into these [...]

Affairs and Email: Lessons Learned From Our Top Spook

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Whether you use email for business affairs or illicit affairs, there are many lesson to learn from David Petraeus and his paramour. If you have been hunting terrorists for a while and are the chief spook at the CIA, you should know how to keep a secret. So what does the news about Petraeus teach us about email and other discrete communication

Best Practice: Account Passwords

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Your username and password are the easiest tools a thief has to making money. There are a range of easy and complex tools available to allow even the dumbest criminal to get into your online life. New online “Cloud” systems provide infinite computing power to crack your password.

Best Practice: Twitter Security

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Security Beacon and all small business leverage twitter to help customers learn about products, services, opinions and more. Twitter is becoming a more important tool for marketing. As twitter evolves, Security Beacon recommends you follow some key steps….

Protecting yourself from Cell Phone hacks….

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The UK news establishment is in full retreat with news suggesting reporters hacked officials cell phones to extract private data about a range of personal issues. Even if you are not a government official being targeted by tabloid news, criminals, competitors and other bad people, these folks may have or now will leverage these same techniques to take advantage of you. Before everyone gets all worked up about downloading some new anti-virus software or such for your cell phones, here are some key tips you should take right now